Water Pipe Stem Elbow Connector

Our Stem Plug Elbow connectors are made of food grade material,It adopts Push to connect technology, which allows users to connect and disconnect quick and easy without the need of any other tools.It fits standard 1/4 inch OD plastic RO tubing, Copper, CPVC, PEX and PVC pipe or hose. It is used to branch off to different outlets for your RO unit.

Applications include RODI system,Irrigation System, refrigerator ice maker tubing, coffee machine etc.This quick connect fitting is perfect for Tee in a water line going to your fridge or T off your water line under your sink for a filtration system as well as run two reverse osmosis faucets in back to back bathrooms from a single R/O unit. This will take the headache out of an under counter water filter installation

Just pop in your 1/4" tubing into each end, pushing until it won't go in. To remove, just push in the outer circle on each end and pull right out. You need to make sure the tubing is cut squared to insure no leaks. Be sure you cut the tubing even and straight, without crimping it. Then insert straight, and all the way into the connector. If it's crooked, or not inserted all the way, or crimped, it may leak
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