Heat makes a MASSIVE difference!

Heat makes a MASSIVE difference!
Continuing my project of re-posting content I wrote on r/gettingbigger with this post about using heat. (my girth was 142 mm back then, it is now 145, three months later,after using the techniques described here. One millimeter per month... that's 12 per year if it continues... and in just two years it would be a full inch... provided the rate of progress remains constant) 


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Searching here on the subreddit with the keyword “heat” is very telling. People who have tried it wax lyrical about the benefits. And here is me starting yet another thread, just to explain a very simple little N=1 experiment I’ve conducted and which decided to cut short because just four sessions have showed me all I need to know.


I have done four identical days of PE, except for one variable: [Heat] / [no heat].

I did them every other day, with a rest day in between, so all in all it took me a week.



  1. Tunica massage - just simple long, deep tunica compressions with both hands. Thumb on top, two fingers underneath, trying to avoid compressing the dorsal nerve too hard.

  2. 50 gua-sha scrapes each side, not pressing too hard.

  3. Semi-erect bends, gradually working up the shaft on each side.

  4. Get fully erect, put on a single silicone toe shield and measure pre-session girth.

  5. 3x12 minutes of soft clamping using silicone toe shields as cock rings, stacked on top of each other. These sets were done with heat on heating days, cold on no-heating days.

  6. For the final 6 minutes of each soft clamping set I did Ulis, i.e. I added my fingers with an “ok” grip right above the rings, compressing until I felt a deep stretch in my mid- and upper shaft and glans, and moving the grip a fraction of an inch higher until the expansion feels a little uncomfortable, but slowing down at any sign of sharp pain.

  7. Get fully erect and measure mid-session girth while wearing one silicone toe shield.

  8. 2x10 minutes of pumping at between 8 and 10 inHg. These were done cold on all occasions.

  9. Get fully erect and measure final girth, again with one toe shield on.


First session was cold. Second with heat. Third cold. Fourth with heat.


Both “Cold” sessions gave the same result, and both “heat” sessions gave almost identically equal results. (There was maybe 1mm difference, but that’s within the error bars).


Cold sessions MSEG:

Pre: 142mm

Mid: 146mm (2.8% no edema)

Post: 148mm (4.2% with some edema)


Heated sessions MSEG:

Pre: 142mm

Mid: 152mm (7.0% no edema)

Post: 153-154mm (7.7-8.4% some edema, but less than cold days)


Note the MASSIVE difference mid session, immediately after the clamping sets. (For those who prefer inches, 142mm is 5.6”, 146mm is 5.7" and 152mm is 6.0” rounded to two digits).


The very first set I did with heat, it felt like my cock swelled like a balloon! I felt a ridiculous sensation of expanding and stretching, as if all the stiffness in my tunica just melted away and my cock was about to swell up and burst.


Because I haven’t received my IR heat pad in the mail yet, this was all done with an uncomfortably hot normal heat pad (the kind used for menstrual cramps), so there was sometimes quite a bit of skin discomfort, but I endured it because I wanted to get my tunica albuginea to reach therapeutic temperatures (39-43°C).


For anyone curious about why heat makes such a difference, I would really recommend the thread “Hanging with FIRe” over on Thunder’s Place, which goes into a lot of detail about collagen plasticity in different temperature ranges. But a quick tl:dr would be that collagen changes properties gradually from 39°C to 43°C, as compared to the normal temperatures it operates at, which for the penis is about 33-34°C, and for other internal tissues is in the 35-37°C range.


Heat makes hydrogen bonds between collagen fibres much easier to break at lower levels of tension, making the tunica albuginea in this case become more plastic (deformable without breaking), meaning you can do PE more efficiently at lower weights/pressures. A common protocol would be to do 50 minutes of hanging thusly: 30 minutes of hanging with heat at relatively low weights, then remove the heat for the final 20 minutes and slightly increase weight. This final step allows the collagen fibres to “re-set” in their new extended configuration, locking in the temp gains, the theory goes. People have seen very good and fast results following this or similar protocols.


Following this little self-experimentation just to verify it works in this manner for me too, I will endeavour never to do PE without heat ever again. Going from 2.8% expansion to 7% mid session isn’t a small difference. It’s f-ing massive, which is what my flaccid hang has also felt like after the heated sessions.


100% would recommend. Use heat, remove heat at end of session and let cool down under tension/expansion.


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