An Infrared Christmas Present - best girth expansion I ever experienced

An Infrared Christmas Present - best girth expansion I ever experienced

In my recent post "Heat makes a MASSIVE difference", I described using a heat pad for my girth work, and the underlying theory about collagen properties at different temperatures:


Late yesterday I got a wonderful Christmas present in the mail: My long-awaited infrared heat pad. I've been enduring the discomfort of using a common electric heat pad with hot wires to apply surface heat, which has been quite painful at times. Today, I got to try infrared heat for the first time...


Does it make a difference? Hell yes it does!


I started my session in the pump with the IRHP (InfraRed Heat Pad) wrapped around the cylinder. I did a single set of 15 minutes at 7.5 inHg, which is a lot less that I normally use. I often pump at 9-10inHg. I also usually do intervals, but I wanted to use these 15 minutes just to get my tissue up to temperature.

My normal heat pad doesn't really work well to keep me warm in the tube - I get hot spots where both the heat pad and my cock are touching the cylinder wall, but no heat really gets to the parts of my shaft that aren't touching the cylinder.

This is where the IRHP was vastly superior. It gave me a deep even heat all over.

I came out of the tube looking very plump and full and very warm inside- with some edema, but nothing major.


I did some fire goat rolls, got erect and put on my soft silicone toe shields which I use for soft clamping. About ten of them, all folded in half and stacked on top of each other. I then wrapped my cock in the IRHP again, but not so that it was touching in any spot - it was just radiating IR heat, no direct conduction.


Unlike what I usually do, I didn't do any clamped Ulis at this point - I just let the soft clamp work for about 10-12 minutes.


And here is the thing: I was already at 155mm circumference at this point. Up from 142mm when I started. That's a 9.2% expansion. Sure, with some edema, but it's the highest number I have ever measured after my clamping+pumping sets, and this was at HALF the total time or less compared to what I usually do.


My usual routine is 3 x 12 minutes clamping with 6 minutes in every set consisting of clamped Ulis. This is followed by 2x 10 minutes at -10ihHg. And the highest I reach is around 153mm.


Now I spent half the time and got better expansion at lower pressure and without any Ulis at all. And this is compared to another form of heated girthwork, which is already superior to non-heated.


Infrared heat is the way to go. I will never go back.


Heat makes a MASSIVE difference!
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