D.I.Y. Pump Mod to minimize edema and allow for good expansion without discomfort

D.I.Y. Pump Mod to minimize edema and allow for good expansion without discomfort

Penis pumps are darn finicky to get right. If your tube is too narrow, you will pack it quickly and not all parts of your shaft will be able to expand properly. If your cylinder is too wide, it will allow for great expansion, but it will have a tendency to pull in a great deal of interstitial fluid from your pubic area, along with a lot of scrotum skin and part of your fat pad, causing edema there too. Worst case scenario, you also suck in your ductus deferens, epididymis or even a whole testicle. Ouch. A wide tube also does not sit comfortably on your pubic bone. To me, it's downright painful. 


Ok, thinking cap on, toolbox out... let's solve all of these things in one fell swoop shall we? I made this cylinder mod about six weeks ago, and it has totally changed pumping for me. A so-called game changer. 


Ok, so my base girth is a fraction over six inches, depending on where exactly I measure. I pack the lower two thirds of a 2.0" cylinder quickly. It is, however, very comfortable around the pubis. Fine-tooth saw out (I didn't find the hacksaw I used, so this one will suffice as an illustration). 

I chopped off about an inch. Acrylic can have a tendency to crack when put under stress, so go slowly and carefully here. 

The edges are really sharp, so I used a 400-grit sandpaper to round them off. If I were to do this again, I would chop off a little more - maybe 1.25 inches instead of less than a full inch. 

It doesn't matter if the edge is straight, as long as it's not got any sharp bits that can snag you. Take your time with the sandpaper. 

This cylinder sleeve is quite stiff, and came with the 2.25" cylinder I ordered from AliExpress. It perfectly fits the chopped off bit of cylinder. 

It will act as one part of the gasket.. keep reading, you will see. 

The size difference between a 2.25" cylinder and a 2.0" one is much larger than the numbers would indicate at a glance. 

See - it's almost as if it was made for this job! 

Here it is - this is how it's meant to work - as an interface between the base of my D and the much wider cylinder. But like this, it doesn't always seal well, so I came up with this little solution: 

Silicone toe shield to the rescue, once again! 

Here it is - the Frankencylinder in all its glory. Sorry about the blurry photo. 

Here's how I use it, illustrated with an adult toy a bit smaller than myself. First I put on a folded silicone toe shield at my base. I use vaseline to make my shaft slippery. 

Then I slide on the adapter plate and push it all the way down to the root. When I'm fully erect, this is a tight fit, but I can put it on easily when semi-erect, and then it's super quick to get fully erect since the sleeve acts like a medium tight cock ring. 

Then just slide on the larger cylinder and push it firmly onto the interface plate. 

Pump up the pressure, and the external air pressure will keep the two firmly pressed together (And I mean firmly! It would take a very strong person to pull them apart when you're at -10 inHg). The cylinder sleeve and the silicone toe shield create a perfect gasket that never leaks. 


And there you go folks! This has massively reduced the amount of edema I get, while at the same time allowing my full shaft (except for the very base, of course) to get super good expansion. Having something tight around your base prevents fluid from being pulled in from your pubic area, and also prevents your scrotum skin from being pulled in. It's also super comfortable compared to a wider cylinder. 


The larger cylinder has ample room for things like sleeved pumping. 


Taking the contraption off is easy. When you release pressure, the larger cylinder just falls off, and you can gently work the interface plate off. 


One thing to note is that this modification was only possible because I had these wide-rim cylinders from AliExpress. It's the same kind Massive Novelties and Peak Make Physique sell, and is sold under the brand name LeLuv in some countries. It would probably not work as well with other kinds of cylinders. 


Happy pumping folks! And let me know how this works for you if you decide to give it a try! 


ps. It was the experience of pumping like this, with a medium firm clamping force around by base (not as tight as real expansive clamping, but "tight enough"), that made me really curious to try fully occluded pumping. I'm waiting for my Python Clamp to arrive so I can get busy experimenting with using that clamp along with my pump in a similar manner to what this cylinder-mod does. 

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