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It's real. Very real.

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Penis enlargement is real. Very real. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There are only two types of people in the world: Those who believe in Penis Enlargement (PE) and those who will soon. While the vast majority of the public and medical community around the world blindly repeat the mantra “it doesn’t work,” each day an increasing number of men and medical professionals are discovering the reality of PE. While the odds are slim that the urologist you visit will have an encyclopedic knowledge of it, there is a very good chance they have been exposed to the world of PE through medical journals covering extender studies.

Outside of surgery or implants, to date, doctors haven’t developed safe and efficient girth-building techniques or devices. However, they are greatly outnumbered by men who, sometimes after decades of study, have. Our founder, M9, for example, is considered one of these men.

While the public largely views penis enlargement (PE) as a fantasy, scientific principles suggest a different story. A foundational concept in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering is that mechanical stress can induce tissue growth. This concept is extensively reviewed in the article "Mechanical Stretch Induced Skin Regeneration: Molecular and Cellular Mechanism in Skin Soft Tissue Expansion" available at PubMed.

This article may seem unrelated to penis enlargement, but to those more educated in the ways of enlargement, it highlights the specific biological mechanism that PE users harness to stimulate new growth. This is just one of many recent studies into the remarkable ability the human body has for cellular regeneration and growth.

While the science behind it can span pages, in essence, successful penis enlargement entails breaking down the cellular bonds of the penis sheaths and chamber walls by applying stress. Stress against the erectile chambers and glans, or “head”, leads to girth increases, or against the ligaments anchoring the penis to the body along with the erectile chambers results in length increases. The most relatable observation of this mechanism for the average person would be during puberty. New skin, nerve, and muscle cells are created in direct response to the sudden and often uneven lengthening of the supporting bones beneath them. If you still have a stretch mark from this process, it's a constant reminder of the mechanism involved. Another example is the new skin production in women during pregnancy.

Length gains have been well documented with various medical studies into tractive therapy, while girth creation remains a more elusive topic. For most men, their introduction to PE will be through the manual exercise known as Jelqing. Jelqing, albeit crudely, applies stress on the penile chambers and, to a lesser extent, the ligaments, triggering limited growth in both length and girth. It's only recently that studies into the medical condition known as Priapism by the PE community have identified the key to new and sustained growth in girth. Sufficient sustained internal pressure, applied evenly by carefully designed manual exercises or devices over spans of minutes to hours, has been found to have similar enlarging effects as Priapism but without any of the negative side effects. The results of this discovery have been astounding, with girth gains from Jelqing being surpassed by gains sometimes totaling inches, as documented within the PE community.

All these discoveries suggest the possibility of becoming inches longer or thicker by dedicating the necessary time for growth. How much time? Well, it depends on you. PE comes in various forms and can accommodate most men's schedules. Are you a student on a tight budget? PE can be cost-effective or even free. Concerned about discretion? PE can be conducted largely without devices, or with ones that are easy to hide.

PE is real. Very real. It’s time to spread the word.

Disclaimer: "The images showcased here are utilized to represent the body's adaptability to sustained external forces, serving as a metaphorical illustration for the concept of traction force. They are not to be interpreted as direct or scientifically precise examples of anatomical transformation in the context of our content. Specifically, the elongated neck due to neck rings results from the downward displacement of collarbones, and the ear and lip extensions are cultural practices that demonstrate the skin's and cartilage's ability to stretch in response to gradual modifications. These images symbolically depict the body's remarkable capacity for change when subjected to continuous stress and are included to inspire thought on the broader theme of physical adaptation."

Urologists Share Their Perspectives on Penis Extension and Traction Techniques

Expert Insights

Many renowned doctors and urologists have publicly expressed their outlook on penile extenders and traction devices as a treatment for penile curvature and for enlargement/lengthening. Some of the renowned names in this field shed some light on this topic as follows:

Dr. Matthew Ziegelmann

Urologist at Mayo Clinic

“Penile traction is the only treatment that has been clinically shown to increase penile length. It may also improve penile curvature and indentation. It is relatively inexpensive, has few side effects and can be done at home. This is much useful in Peyroni’s disease but also very helpful in increasing length.” (source)

Dr. Stefan Buntrock

Urologist, Germany

“Duration of traction is important in considering. Initially 3 hours and then up to 6-8 hours. Need commitment in wearing the devices for a long duration. Penile girth has not shown reduction in traction. Traction has been successfully used for thousands of years by humans for different body parts like earlobes, lips, necks, etc, so there’s reason to believe that it also works for the penis as well.” (source)

Dr. Rena Malik

M.D. Maryland

“You can gain a small amount of length with penile traction therapy and that has been shown in the literature. ” (source)

Dr. Neil Baum

Urologist. New Orleans

“The benefits from using a penis extender include an improvement in penile curvature, and you can also expect an increase in size and length of the penis.” (source)

Dr. Robert Chan

Urologist, California

“the results of penile traction as a treatment for penile curvature are pretty good” (source)

Research Work on Penis Extenders

Let’s look at some of the publicly available studies covering penis extenders and what their outcomes were:

University of Turin, Italy - 2011

Non-invasive methods of penile lengthening: fact or fiction?

Condition(s) Tested For:
Treating men who are affected by 'short penis syndrome'.

Outcome of the Study: Results achieved do not seem to be inferior to surgery, making these traction devices an ideal first-line treatment option for patients seeking a penile lengthening procedure.


Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, USA - 2019

Outcomes of a Novel Penile Traction Device in Men with Peyronie's Disease.

Condition(s) Tested For:
Treating penile curvature.

Outcome of the Study: Significant and clinically meaningful improvements in penile curvature and length in men with Peyronie's disease.


University of Turin, Italy - 2008

Use of penile extender device in the treatment of penile curvature as a result of Peyronie's disease. Results of a phase II prospective study.

Condition(s) Tested For:
Treating penile curvature, also called Peyronie’s disease.

Outcome of the Study: In our study, the use of a penile extender device provided only minimal improvements in penile curvature but a reasonable level of patient satisfaction, probably attributable to increased penile length.


University of Tehran, Iran - 2010

Effect of penile-extender devices in increasing penile size in men with a shortened penis: preliminary results.

Condition(s) Tested For:
Increasing penile length and/or circumference.

Outcome of the Study: Our findings supported the efficacy of the device in increasing penile length. Our result also suggested the possibility of glans penis girth enhancement using a penile extender. Performing more studies is recommended.


Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL, USA - 2008

Penile traction therapy for the treatment of Peyronie's disease: a single-center pilot study.

Condition(s) Tested For:
To evaluate prolonged external penile traction as a nonsurgical treatment for PD.

Outcome of the Study: Prolonged daily external penile traction therapy is a new approach for the nonsurgical treatment of PD. Further study appears warranted given the response noted in this pilot study