Welcome to my penis enlargement blog!

Welcome to my penis enlargement blog!

Greetings and welcome to Wikman’s PE blog here on FenrirGrowth!

I’m Karl Wikman - at least that is my internet alias in the Penis Enlargement “PE” context. I’m the obsessive type of person who processes new knowledge by writing about it. I feel I never fully understand something, until I know enough to write coherently about it and teach others. So in the beginning of my PE journey, I read obsessively, and then I started writing even more obsessively about it on the largest PE subreddit “r/gettingbigger”, where there are now over 100K members helping each other figure out how to pull on their junk to make it bigger. I recently became a moderator there. 

Because Fenrir’s owner liked my informative posts, he asked me to write a blog about PE here on Fenrir, and I didn’t need much time to consider before I agreed. So here we are. I’ll be writing a blog here and try to teach people about how penis enlargement actually works. Deep down. On a cellular level. 

So who am I to teach this to others? Am I a veteran? No, I’m basically a newbie - but what I do have is an obsessive mind, and a background in biochem, cell biology and neurology. I’m not currently working with any of those things, but back in the mid 90’s, I studied it at university - so I know how to read a scientific report and draw conclusions. I also think I’m pretty good at explaining difficult things so people understand, and I think that is why Fenrir wanted me to write this blog. 

Enough about me. What will this PE blog be about?

Well, first of all, I will be sharing some of the many longer articles I already wrote on the gettingbigger subreddit - just to make sure the information is all collected in one place and easy to find. 

Second, I will further add to the previous content I have written, with more deep-dives on various technical aspects of PE. These will be “longer articles”. 

Thirdly, I will be writing a progress blog using the Fenrir Python clamp for something called “priapumping”, which I will be calling “occluded pumping” instead, since I think the original name is a little meaningless (all kinds of pumping are either high-flow or low-flow priapisms). Don’t worry, I will explain what priapism is, and why it matters for penis enlargement. 

Fourth and finally, I will be writing some shorter posts with little tips and tricks. 



ps. That's not me in the picture - it's an AI generated image of a dude who looks a lot like me. For obvious reasons. I hope you forgive me for not sharing my real face - I'll be sharing pictures of my real penis instead. :) 

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