Penis Enlargement and Erection Quality - the pros and cons

Penis Enlargement and Erection Quality - the pros and cons

Doing Penis Enlargement (PE) exercises can greatly impact Erection Quality (EQ). It can both boost it tremendously, and tank it terribly. When and why? That’s what I’ll be exploring in this post. But first, let’s start with some other factors which impact EQ greatly, and when we’re done with those, I’ll get into how PE can affect matters. 

In this post, I won’t be going into how erections work in any greater detail. I already covered that here: 

In that post, I look at the roles of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, smooth muscle cell relaxation in the corpora cavernosa, and the molecular biology of nitric oxide, cGMP, PDE5 and what “dickpills” like Viagra and Cialis do. No, since I already covered that, I’ll begin with matters of lifestyle and EQ. 

In no particular order, here are some major players in your EQ: 

  • Cardiovascular fitness and physical activity
  • Stress, depression and anxiety
  • Sleep (quantity and quality)
  • Diet
  • Alcohol and substance use
  • Smoking
  • Blood pressure
  • Hydration
  • Excessive masturbation and porn use

We all know these things, don’t we? Of course being fit, or at least not unhealthy, improves your EQ! Honestly, having stamina is a great deal more important in bed, than having a big penis. If you get out of breath after a couple of minutes, what good is your schlong? We all know that wanking four times in a row right before your date or funtime with the missus probably is a little excessive. We all know that being stressed at work or in a bad place emotionally, along with having slept poorly, isn’t going to do you any favours. 

But why is diet important? And hydration? What effect does cigarettes and alcohol have? 

Your body is a complex biochemical machine, where every input significantly impacts its output, including sexual performance. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains isn't just beneficial for your waistline; it's directly linked to improved EQ. Foods high in antioxidants, such as berries, and those rich in nitrates, like beetroot and leafy greens, can enhance nitric oxide levels in the body, which - if you have read my post about how erections work - you should know is all-important for EQ. Conversely, diets high in processed foods and sugars can lead to vascular issues and inflammation, negatively affecting cardiovascular health and, by extension, EQ. I could jump into a lot more detail here, because there are important nuances - such as fruits and berries containing fructose and therefore being best in moderation - and saturated fats being neutral or even anti-inflammatory, if consumed in conjunction with a low-carb or even ketogenic diet, but being highly detrimental when consumed with an abundance of high glycemic index carbs. But That’s outside the scope of a blog about PE, so I’ll forego the pleasure of writing more about that for now. On to the next bit.  

While often overlooked, adequate hydration is pivotal. Blood volume, pressure, and circulation are all hydration-dependent factors that influence erectile function. Dehydration can lead to decreased blood volume and increased angiotensin, a hormone associated with erectile dysfunction. Drinking enough water ensures optimal blood flow and has been linked to better EQ outcomes. Both hypertension and hypotension have a negative impact on EQ, by the way. Get it checked, if you haven’t recently. 

Smoking cigarettes introduces a myriad of harmful chemicals into the body, leading to vascular damage and constriction of the blood vessels. This not only hampers cardiovascular health but directly impairs the flow of blood to the penis. Alcohol, while socially associated with reduced inhibitions, can paradoxically impair sexual performance when consumed in excess. It depresses the central nervous system, reduces testosterone levels, and can cause erectile dysfunction as a result of hormonal imbalance and diminished neural signalling. Note: This is when consumed in excess or long-term. One beer, or one glass of wine, can probably aid EQ - especially if you are a little nervous about your performance. It’s the quantity that makes the poison. 

In essence, the path to optimal sexual health isn't isolated to managing stress or improving sleep alone, though these are significant contributors. It needs a holistic approach where diet, hydration, and the avoidance of detrimental substances like cigarettes and alcohol play integral roles.

Ok, ok, I know you didn’t come here for a sermon about the importance of diet and exercise - you want to know about penis enlargement exercises and how they affect erection quality - so let’s be done with the preaching and get into the nitty-gritty: 

People who start hanging weights from their penis, or doing manual stretches, or pumping, or clamping, often notice remarkable and immediate improvements in erection quality. From the first two extender sessions I ever did, I personally gained one centimetre (0.4 inches) in length and 0.4cm (0.16 inches). I have seen countless other men report similar immediate gains. But wait - those aren’t “real” gains, right? Well, your penile tissues don’t grow that fast, this is absolutely correct, but your penis is larger after than it was before, so we call these “EQ gains”. They last for as long as you keep doing PE now and then. 

What causes them? I think nobody knows for sure, but it simply must be about something cardiovascular. Stretching the tiny little smooth muscle cells on the inside of your blood vessels triggers chemical events inside of them, which change how they function. I have written in detail about these changes in my post about how PE actually works: 

But there are probably more factors at play. I think you can have really tense pelvic floor muscles, and a few sessions of pumping or extending can be all it takes to give them a good stretch and set them right again. There is also the factor of relaxing the fascia and ligaments of the penis. But these are all just theories - all we really know is that a few sessions can change someone’s sex life for the better and give them back their erections of old

For me, this change has been nothing short of remarkable. Four months into doing PE, my erections are stronger and more frequent than I ever remember since my teens. My nocturnal erections are through the roof - to the point where they wake me at night sometimes. Morning wood is as hard as when I was 16 (I’m 52). And I’m not alone - here are some quotes from members of Reddit’s r/GettingBigger:

I wake up several times a night due to having raging hard-ons, not fully awake and in pain, but I know I am waking up squiding away at my D in my sleep.” /PumpyMcHangerson

The hardest erections in my life happened immediately after vac hanging. But when I'd clamp for 20-30 minutes, I sometimes noticed worse EQ later in the day.” /MuleJuiceMcQuaid

After PE I got my morning woods back. After 6 to 9 months I was already achieving 100% hard. As a bonus - I dont know it is normal - the sensation has amazingly increased, have some good sensations, specially on the shaft, I never felt in my life.” /Either_Skirt1844

EQ has seemed to improve, there were two days this week I woke up with probably the hardest erections I’ve had in the last year outside of Sex (honestly probably even harder than that with the EQ boost).” /Azazel315

My EQ improved significantly after my first month of consistent pumping and stretches. I’ve also gained the ability to go multiple back-to-back rounds with the missus. Always been a cum and go kind of lover before hand. Now she expects at least two rounds of lovemaking when we get alone time.” /talel81

“Pumping, clamping, Talalafil, citrulline, and Angion have made a huge difference in EQ..morning wood seems to go on for hours..BUT, when overdoing pumping and clamping, D is sometimes not as cooperative as it should be until the necessary break is taken.” /bustinnem

But notice something important: EQ is generally massively improved. This is a long-lasting effect. But there are short-term effects in the other direction sometimes. Especially, it seems, with pumping and clamping. There can be short-term (a day or so) negative effects on erection quality whenever you do PE exercises that stretch your penis girth-wise - what I call “girthwork”. Such exercises expand your tunica albuginea quite a lot if you do them right, and even small expansions can cause quite a drastic change in penile volume, which lasts a while before it goes back down. Using PervMcSwerve’s sausage analogy (he’s the guy who invented the Apex extender, and a well documented PE “super gainer”) - When you do PE and increase the size of your tunica albuginea, you are increasing the size of your sausage skin, not increasing the stuffing inside the sausage (the erectile tissue). The temporary increase in penile volume from girthwork is so large, that you can’t quite fill it enough for a satisfactory erection quality - you’ll be large, but a little more floppy than usual. 

Let’s do some math. I’ll use my own numbers as an example:

When I have not done any PE for a number of days (I’m currently 1 week into a mini-decon break), I’m 7.4” long BPEL and 5.7” girth MSEG, or 18.8 by 14.5 cm if you prefer metric as I do. According to the excellent online penis size calculator, this means my volume is about 283ml (or 9.5 fl oz). When I do a heavy session of pumping and clamping, it’s not unusual for my girth after a session to be about 15.5cm, which lasts for a while. This takes me up to a volume of 323 ml. So let’s take [323/283]=1.137… That’s 13.7% larger in volume!!! By contrast, a length session can give me an additional 4-6 mm temporary length, which takes my volume to 289-292ml, which by contrast is a measly 1.7-3% change in volume! 

Lengthwork 1.7-3% change, girthwork 13.7% change! Well, two conclusions from that: First, we shouldn’t sleep on the importance of girth when it comes to penis size - it makes a MASSIVE difference compared to length. Second, no wonder we don’t have enough stuffing in our sausage when we have recently done girthwork! Yes, some of that is edema which goes away rapidly, but the expansion of the tunica albuginea is considerable, and it takes a good while to get back down to baseline. This perfectly and sufficiently explains why people report their EQ taking a hit after a good girth session, and needing more recovery time. 

So, when focusing on girthwork in particular, be aware that your sexual function might not be at 100% for 24 hours or so after an intense session. You’ll often be large, but more floppy than usual.

I generally avoid doing heavy PE the day of (due to having teenage kids around the house, my wife and I schedule our play sessions for privacy), but 12-15 hours of rest is all I need for perfectly adequate recovery of hardness. Another option, of course, is to throw on a well-fitted cockring to make sure you can maintain a usable erection, whenever you have sex after more recent pumping or clamping. 

I don’t think you need more time to heal and recover after girthwork than after lengthwork, per se. The loss of EQ is simply a consequence of girth affecting the total penile volume more than length. You can do girthwork with the same frequency as you do lengthwork and still recover. But it will tank your EQ. You shouldn’t worry about that floppiness - it’s fully expected, and you will recover firmness whenever you take more than 24 hours off. 

For someone with a partner, in a relationship where sex is more spontaneous and can happen at any time, this could be a challenge. If you don’t get adequate fore-warning you can’t make sure you are recovered and can get hard enough. For someone who dates on Fridays and Saturdays, things are easier. Don’t do girthwork on those days, and probably not Thursday night either. Or, get into the habit of using cockrings - normalise that, and don’t think of it as a shameful thing that you sometimes need help to get 100% erect. 

So, is this the end of the story then? Well, there’s also the matter of injuries that can affect your EQ. I won’t touch on actual nerve injuries, hard flaccid, venous leaks and similar - those are important, and I will write about them some other day - but I will say something about straining the pelvic floor

Whenever you are clamped and blood-flow is severely occluded, kegeling can strain your pelvic floor a lot. If you sneeze hard while pumping at significant pressures, this can also strain your pelvic floor. The same can be said of extending - especially at angles higher than 90 degrees - i.e. upwards toward your stomach. Any form of long-term tension in your pelvic floor can cause erection problems. If this should happen to you, there are ways to deal with it. First of all, rest! Take a couple of days off PE completely. Second, do some pelvic stretches, some reverse kegels, use a massage gun on your taint, etc. If you’re adventurous, see a massage therapist who does pelvic massage (it takes a special kind of man to be that confident, I know). Doc Hink on r/gettingbigger has a very good post about how he recovered from pelvic floor issues - and if I recall correctly it involved sitting on a rolling pin, among other things.

So, there you have it: For diet, eat your beetroot and leafy greens, avoid excess carbs and highly processed food - and I will add this: L-Citrulline and a daily small dose of Cialis (Tadalafil) will do wonders for your PE and EQ. Do plenty of cardio. Manage stress. Get a good sleep. Drink plenty of water. Avoid cigarettes like the plague, drink in moderation. And definitely don’t expect to be at your best EQ immediately after girthwork! 


In an upcoming post I will discuss PE supplements and nutrition. Stay tuned. 

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