Acrylic Vacuum Cylinder


1. Made of high-quality and thick transparent acrylic material, this product provides two unit scales (centimeters and inches) for observing changes in the penis.

2. We offer eight sizes of cylinders (
based on inner diameter, with an error range of 1-2mm).

3. This high-performance pump ensures a good sealing effect and is compatible with various cylinders and tubes. It includes a training vacuum kit and expansion kit.

4. Designed with a professional flange wide-body pump, it is suitable for modifying accessories of the LeXLuv performance trainer as well as many other brands.


Choosing your size: 

To make sure you will get the right size of the pump for you, measure by wrapping string or dressmakers tape around the base of the shaft of your penis when erect. Divide that length by 3.142 and the result will be the diameter of your cylinder. If you choose the next nearest diameter larger it allows for expansion.