Who is M9?

The information and content in Fenrir is provided by M9 or M9ter, a person considered a veteran of the art of penis enlargement on the online PE forums. M9 started his PE "career" back in 1996 after being laughed at over his size by a woman he was dating. He was devastated.

Feeling humiliated, M9 spent the next 5 years researching and practicing PE methods with scarce information found online, being injured several times. His size increased from 5.5"L x 4.25"G to 8"L x 6"G in that time. He retired from PE in 2001, getting rid of most of his PE tools and materials.

For the next 14 years M9 enjoyed PE retirement, getting married and having several children. His PE work was over, but all the while he kept developing new concepts and approaches to various PE problems he had encountered. In 2015, after an argument with his wife, he discovered she was a size queen.

Upset that he felt he was still not enough, M9 restarted PE work, gaining more size quickly with his new methods in his quest for his new goal: 9"L x 7"G. He bounced around several forums the next 2 years, arriving on Reddit in 2017. Reddit would end up changing M9's life forever.

In 2017, he happened to be reading a comment on a car related Reddit forum which lead him to a small penis issues group. He was appalled at the sadness, lack of hope, and complete absence of any mention of PE as a viable treatment. Jumping into the penis size forums, he began offering his advice.

Within a few months M9 became a founding member and moderator of the PE forum r/ajelqforyou, which grew to over 66,000 members. Until then, PE on Reddit was considered a joke or a scam. r/ajelqforyou offers only the safest and most efficient methods taken from his 27 years of experience.

In 2018, he wrote the e-book "Monster 101 Advice from a PE veteran", which went on to spawn a special edition and sold thousands of copies. By some estimates, M9 has advised over 4,000 men about PE for free on Reddit. To get paid one hour consultation with him can cost over $100.

In 2022, he launched the Airlock® family of PE products. An R&D medical device designer by trade, he introduced the concept of air pressure to clamp and stretch with. The Python Clamp is the most well known of the Airlock® products to date.

Fenrir has partnered with M9 to bring his vast knowledge to a greater audience. The algorithms which drives Fenrir App were created using M9's years of experience, to create the worlds first smart Penis Enlargement coaching app.

M9 wishes you the best results and...
May the Gains be with you!