Python Clamp Pro - a review and a starting routine, including FOP and POP.

Python Clamp Pro - a review and a starting routine, including FOP and POP.
The following is a cross-post of my Python Clamp Pro review from GettingBigger, where I also go into how I will be using it going forward for fully occluded pumping and partially occluded pumping, along with a sketch of a starting routine, which might be updated going forward: 

Disclosure of potential bias: I was given my Python Clamp Pro as a review sample and as a thank-you for agreeing to write my PE blog and host it with Fenrir. I do not get affiliate money from any visits to their site, nor financial remuneration for their sales, etc, but just the fact that I was given the clamp I am reviewing could make me potentially biased in their favour, so please have that in mind as you read. Consider it a “paid review” if you will. I am free to write whatever I like, and they have not been given an opportunity to add or redact any part of my text. 

My routine going forward - a first draft. 

A while back, I posted about a modification I have made to my vacuum cylinder. I have added a tighter opening to it, and use it with a sleeve that is right around the base of my shaft. This results in less edema for me, and makes pumping a great deal more comfortable: 

Ever since I started pumping like that, with the tight entrance acting as something of a clamp, I have been curious to try what it would be like to use a Python clamp for the same purpose.

Using cockrings while pumping is something we generally strongly advise against here on the subreddit, because there is a case description in medical literature that serves as a cautionary tale: “The case involves a 66-year-old man who used a nonmedical vacuum erection device (VED) after achieving a spontaneous rigid erection. This device, which lacked a pressure-release valve and used a doughnut-shaped ring without tension bands at the base, led to excessive overinflation of the penis. The resulting injuries included a dorsal curvature, diminished rigidity, decreased erectile maintenance, and a dorsal mid shaft Peyronie's plaque. Nocturnal penile tumescence testing and office injection testing showed abnormal, partial, short-lived, dorsally curved erections. Dynamic pharmaco-cavernosometry and pharmaco-cavernosography confirmed vasculogenic impotence with site-specific crural veno-occlusive dysfunction unrelated to the Peyronie's plaque. The intense pulling forces from the VED, estimated to be approximately 29 pounds due to the lack of a pressure-release valve and preexistent erection, are hypothesized to have damaged the tunica in the mid shaft (leading to Peyronie's disease) and the crus (resulting in veno-occlusive dysfunction). The patient underwent a Nesbit plication procedure and uses self-injection for satisfactory sexual activity (Hakim et al., 1996).”

But my pump has a pressure release valve, and my Python clamp also has an instant pressure release, and I’m also pretty good at stopping at the slightest sign of pain. I can feel the difference between good discomfort and bad pain quite well, I like to believe. So, I actually feel pretty confident that what I’ll be trying for the next six months is sane and within the risk–to-reward window I am willing to accept. That said, never do as I do, just because it is me doing it - I’m by no means an authority on best-practices and PE safety, as I am practically a newbie myself. I’m just a science guy with more brains than common sense. 

So, enough with the verbiage - what is it I intend to do? 

Well, I’ll be calling it FOP:ing - Fully Occluded Pumping and POP:ing - Partially Occluded Pumping. It’s by no means something new - M9ter and other people have called something similar “pria-pumping” (pria for priapism). I just happen to think that’s a really silly name, because all pumping is artificially creating a supra-physiological priapism-like state. All clamping too. Priapism is what all girthwork is about. Therefore, calling it pria-pumping is trying to make a distinction that is not meaningful.  

My “routine” is still in the ideas-stage. I’m starting to experiment with it, and will do so for a couple of weeks before settling into what can be a sustainable routine in terms of time under expansion and frequency of sessions going forward. Once I have a routine, I will update this first draft: 

Sessions AM + PM 6 days out of 7. Immediately upon waking up, and immediately before bed. 

AM session: 20 minutes of interval POP:ing followed by 10 minutes of clamping. TOC - Totally Occluded Clamping. 

PM session: 10 minutes of FOP:ing, 10 minutes POP:ing, 10 minutes of FOP:ing. 

For three sessions per week, I will be using Near Infra-Red (NIR) heat, 850nm + 660 nm red light therapy. 

On some days, I might do 5+5 minutes of clamping, without the pump. 

I plan on making routine+progress updates something like once every two weeks, and probably share before/after photos once every three months or so. I recently shared a girth progress photo, and I plan on getting a tripod so that I can take better ones in the future. Length is currently not a major priority, but I might share such progress photos too, if I should happen to make any length gains. 

The whole thing is complicated to some extent by the fact that I’m getting a MaleHanger from Ben - also a review sample - and an Apex 2.0 from Perv as part of the Beta testing - so I will have to do a couple of solid weeks of length-focused work even though this isn’t what I’m going for at the moment. Gotta honour my commitments, of course. And I am really, really motivated to make the MaleHanger work for me, since I find vacuum cups so uncomfortable and am so averse to blisters. I already know the Apex will be awesome, since I bought the first version and like it a lot. The question is how much of an improvement it is - I have high hopes. 

Ok, now on to a review of the Python Clamp by Fenrir (originally designed by M9ter). This is just a first look at the device, since I have had it for less than a week and only have a few sessions in. I will update with more thoughts on its usage as I learn more: 



Let’s begin with the silicone sleeves. My review sample came with two of them already installed. I think if you buy it, it won’t come pre-assembled, so you will have the option of using one or two sleeves. I think everyone, even beginners, should install both. A single one will bulge out at lower pressure, reducing the pressure your penis experiences. I feel the main benefit of a device like this is that you can comfortably and safely get a lot of pressure. I say safely simply because I think the ability to deflate it in a heartbeat is a great benefit compared to using multiple toe shields or cock rings, which take a while to remove if something happens. High pressure, of course, could potentially be unsafe, so do exercise caution! This is a powerful device, and with great power comes great responsibility, as Spider-Man has taught us. 

Personally, I think high clamping pressure is very beneficial for expansion, and I think the tunica albuginea can handle tremendous internal pressure without significant risk, as long as it is not damaged. If you should bend your dick during intercourse, then it would be a really bad move to clamp hard the day after, but a healthy tunica can take a lot. More risky in this context is pressure on the dorsal nerve. I feel that soft clamping is much less dangerous in this respect than hard clamping, if the hard clamp has edges that can cause a sharp deformation, and the Python clamp by comparison will spread out the pressure in a gentler manner over a larger surface area, while at the same time being able to generate a lot of force.

The clamp comes with a squeeze-bulb for generating pressure - and a knob to turn to release pressure. But I do think everyone should upgrade with a combination-pump with gauge. The ability to quickly evacuate air from the device to make it easy to slide on, and then just slide a chuck over to pump up the pressure without needing to fiddle with quick-disconnects, makes the experience of using the Python very frictionless by comparison. Frankly, a combo-pump with gauge is a must-have as far as I am concerned. 

The pressure gauge itself is a major benefit of such a pump. I can tell from just looking at the gauge how hard I am clamping, and that gives me a way to reliably track what kind of internal pressure my tunica might be experiencing. Of course, there is never going to be a 1-to-1 match between tunica pressure and internal pressure in the Python clamp itself, but I can be consistent from session to session by working at the same clamping force every time, and I have some way of knowing if I’m using too much force. I also have a way to reliably do progressive intervals, or to do progressive overload over time. 

In addition to being comfortable, easy to put on and off, quick to deflate and disconnect, and able to generate tremendous levels of compression, I think another benefit of the Python clamp is that you can very comfortably do what’s called “clamped Ulis”. These are where you grab the clamp itself and gently move it forward on your shaft, i.e. toward your glans, to push the trapped blood upwards to generate more expansion. With a hard cable clamp, or with a Python, you can do this more comfortably than with toe shields or cock rings in my experience. You just put your fingers beneath the device and gently press it forward, and hold for as long as you like. 

Clamped Ulis are considered an “advanced” method - and they really do cause a great deal of pressure - so if you do them, make sure to exercise caution. Pay close attention to how the pressure feels inside your glans and upper shaft, and stop at any hint of sharp pain. I think you could very easily burst some capillaries or even a small vein with these if you aren’t careful. 

Now on to POP:ing and FOP:ing. 

The Python clamp comes with a stamped-out ring of black rubber, which is meant to be used as a gasket between a vacuum pump and the body of the clamp. So, you’re supposed to put on the clamp, and then the rubber gasket and a vacuum cylinder, then pump a vacuum in the cylinder to make it form a single unit with the clamp. The atmospheric pressure will cause them to stick tightly to one another - you can pull really hard on the cylinder without risk of popping it off, if you’re at an internal pressure of -10 inHg, that’s for sure. People underestimate the tremendous crushing force of normal atmospheric pressure. 

I think using the device like this might make it possible for people with severe erectile dysfunction to use the clamp, and that this is one of the intended purposes of including the gasket. You could be flaccid going in, use the vacuum pump to pull blood into the penis, then pump up the Python clamp to seal the blood in, and thus be able to clamp despide having ED. Both clamping and pumping are excellent ways of rehabilitating vasculogenic ED, so I see this as a good use case. 

But I will be using it to do sessions where I am under constant vacuum pressure (or interval vacuum pressure), and switch between applying and not applying the clamping force of the Python - i.e. Partially Occluded Pumping and Fully Occluded Pumping. I have only done it twice thus far, but I’m liking it a lot. 

And this is where I have my only real critique of the product thus far: The gasket material is a little too stiff to give a good seal easily. A slightly softer silicone material that compresses more easily would make it easier to get a good seal. I need to fiddle with this one for a minute or two before it starts sealing properly. Putting a silicone toe shield on the rim of the vacuum cylinder fixes the issue on one side of the gasket, but the other side which sits on the Python still has trouble sealing. 

I know silicone rubbers come in different durometers, and I would suggest a firm but compressible one for the best blend of durability and compressibility. I suppose it’s possible that putting a little vaseline on the gasket might help it seal better, but that would be messy. Ideally, it should be able to seal well and quickly without resorting to lube. 

But apart from this minor hassle with a fringe use-case, I genuinely love the device thus far. When I was live-blogging my first test of PGE1-injections to the other mods of GettingBigger on our private discord channel, here is what I wrote:

Holy Jesus! The Python clamp is fucking awesome!!!

Super tight clamping force.

None of the skin pinching that I get with the Wrecking ball.

Dude... More comfortable than silicone toe shields - easy to get on and off. It's fucking insanely strong too. I'm at +17 inHg of clamping pressure!

That first impression is still my overall impression thus far. The only real caveat is the price-point when importing it to Europe. Since it’s distributed from the US, there are import taxes and fees added, as well as shipping, and the price tag becomes steep enough to be a little prohibitive. But that applies to many other devices, such as the Apex and Best Extender too. MaleHanger gets around that issue by selling on Etsy to European customers - perhaps something for Fenrir to look into in the future? But if you have the disposable income, and want the most comfortable and powerful clamping experience you can get, then the Python Clamp gets my seal of approval. 

TL:DR - 9.9 out of 10, would recommend. 

Here is where to find it, in case you didn’t already know: 


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